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I'd like to map the functionality of the INTELLITIP toolbar button named ".source -> .header" to Alt-O

I don't see an obvious way to do that. Any pointers?
The command in Key Mapping configuration dialog is IntellitipSwapSourceHeader as you can verify with Description below the commands lists showing .source -> .header for this command like the tooltip of the command.
And another thanks!

Just out of curiosity - is there some way to determine what command a toolbar button is tied to? Or is there a good way to search the command list other than by scrolling in the dialog box? It's easy to get a file of commands that are bound to keys, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get a list of commands & descriptions that aren't bound to a key.
For users of English UltraEdit it is quite simple in my point of view and in most cases to find the name of a command in commands lists in Key Mapping configuration dialog.

The command name is usually in CamelCase spelling build by

  • name of the menu the command can be found in main menu -
    File, Edit, Search, Insert, Project, Build, Solution, View, Format, Column, Macro, Scripting, Advanced, Windows, Help,
    name of the toolbar the command can be found -
    Tools, HTML, IntelliTip, Debug,
  • name of command in the menu.
As commands available by default only in a toolbar don't have a menu item name, all the commands of the toolbar to which the command belongs by default must be looked on.

The commands of the context menu of output window start with Out. The commands for printing start with Print. Commands which cannot be found in any menu or toolbar and which are not output window or printing commands have individual names.

With option Sort not checked in Key Mapping configuration dialog the commands are listed in the order I posted them here. The printing commands are put between the file and the edit commands as many printing commands can be found also in menu File.

The output commands are near end of not alphabetically sorted list, after the commands which cannot be found in any menu or toolbar.

There are exceptions for all "rules" written above. Some commands with special names are in not alphabetically sorted commands list between menu or toolbar commands. Those commands are usually harder to find.

The text displayed in prompt area (most left) of the status bar, if mouse pointer is over a command symbol in the toolbar or menu item of a command, is shown as description in the key mapping configuration dialog. This can be used for verification if really the right command is selected before adding or changing an assignment.

An option to get on a click on button Show key mapping in editor a text file containing also the names and descriptions of all commands with no key assignment would be indeed helpful. You should request such an option by email to IDM support. As there could be a problem to position this additional option (a checkbox) somewhere in the dialog it might be also an option that all commands and descriptions are output to the file by holding SHIFT key while activating the button.

Note: Menu and toolbar names formatted with this color are available only in UEStudio.
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