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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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I have a problem with recent UltraEdit versions about connection caching. Whenever I open/save a file using ssh, the connection stays open. After maybe a minute the firewall throws away the connection, and when I save or reload the file I have to wait 20 seconds until UltraEdit times out the vanished connection. During this 20 seconds, UltraEdit is not really responsive.

Is there a way to tell UltraEdit to close every connection right away? The idea might be very well, that the overhead when connecting is eliminated, thus eliminating about half a second per connection. But for me, it does not eliminate half a second, it brings me additional 19.5 seconds plus the time I need to redo what i tried to do.

I spend my working day on files via SFTP from our development servers. So I will open a directory tree on the server, open a file and then work on it.

After a while (maybe 15-30 mins) I might then want to open another file under the directory tree but when I go to navigate the directories a "connecting.." message appears and after about 20 seconds it shows "Error connecting". I have to then re-access the FTP session and, when I get back to the directory I want, double click on a file and it sits there trying to open it for about 20 seconds again before coming up with another error message.

Only after suffering that double connection error can I start opening directories and working on files again. This all happens probably half a dozen or more times a day and is VERY frustrating.

It's also been happening for a long time - as long as I can remember - on different ADSL/fibre internet connections and servers and also effects my colleague (we all use Windows UE or UE portable and connect to Centos Linux servers). Does anyone else get this?

Anyone know what could cause it? I emailed IDM support about it 18 months ago who "passed the comments on to developers" but no remedy for it yet. It is a keepalive issue (UE doesn't seem to have any keepalive settings)? I'm surprised IDM haven't done anything about by now - either it only happens to a very small number of users or it's not something that can be fixed.

I go along with Spencer, it is VERY frustrating. For me it does not take 15-20 minutes, and it happens a lot more than a few dozen times per day.
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