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I was trying to figure out where a file is located. (The path) It looks like UltraEdit doesnt follow the Mac standards of being able to right click on the filename on top and opening up the folder that contains the file. Please add this ability, so I know which file I have open. (I deal with a lot of text files that have the same name but are in different folders.)

Right click on the header in most applications and you'll notice you can get to the folder real easily. (Try Preview.)

Also, hovering over the filename in the File View should appear the file path. Right-clicking on the file in File View should also have an option to open the containing folder.
Do you have read the two small paragraphs at top of every page of the user-to-user forum?

Enhancement requests like your ones must be sent by email to IDM support. Posting them in the user-to-user forum will not have any effect on future versions.

In UltraEdit for Windows which I use the full file name with path is shown in a tooltip when mouse is moved over the tab of the file.

Also in UltraEdit for Windows there is the configuration setting Display file name only in document title at Advanced - Configuration - Application Layout - Miscellaneous (Preferences dialog in UEM). Unchecking this setting results in displaying the file name with full path in the title. Perhaps the same setting exists also in UltraEdit for MAC.
Hi Mofi,

Yes, and I also sent IDM an email right after posting this.

The Preferences are not laid out the same. I did go through all the settings and found nothing related to displaying the path to a file.


Uncheck "Display file name only in document title"
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