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I use UE, but was looking at moving to UEStudio and was curious about UEStudio and GIT. I see that UEStudio has integrated support for CVS and SVN, but I did not see any references to GIT integration.

Is that there, but just left off the list accidentally or something missing that may be added later?

How are others using UE or UEStudio with GIT?

What's the good and the bad?


I rarely use GIT, and when I do, it's to obtain source code to open source software that I am interested in, and I have no other alternative.

However, UEStudio does not have GIT integrated, and does not appear to be high on the priority list.

SVN/CVS is all there is that is integrated into UEStudio. No Hg, no GIT, and nothing else.

Personally, I never use those features, as I use TortoiseHg, TortoiseSVN on my system, and it is just too simple for me to use Windows explorer to manage it all. I'm sure the features work fine in UEStudio for what they have, I've just never made use of it.
I'm guessing you can create user tools in UEStudio...and if so...then check this post out for Git.
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