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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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I tried to follow these steps: ... emote.html

In UE I created a FTP account to the root of my web server (its name: "root" :) ). There are several folders for different homepages/domains. Thus I have access to all of my webpages via this single FTP account. On a separate hdd partition ("e:\") I have the same folder structure -> local and remote are identical.
Using this FTP account within UE there are no problems.

But now I want to have the ability to sync files via a project file as described above. I added the partition e:\ via the button "folder/Verzeichnis" with these settings:
13-06-01_shot_004.jpg (68.87 KiB) Viewed 2619 times

After opening a project file...
selecting file
13-06-01_shot_005.jpg (31.32 KiB) Viewed 2619 times

... I get this error message:
error message
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But why?
Using FTP open it's possible to open the file, but not via right mouse click and "Download with Sync".

In general it is not advisable to define the root of a partition on Windows as a project folder or a folder for FTP synchronization.

The root folder on Windows partitions is something special. It is not really a folder, it is a drive. I don't want to explain here too deep what is the difference between a drive (root folder) and and folder. Also on Windows partitions in root there are always (by default not visible) folders like the folders System Volume Information and Recycler on NTFS drives or the folder Recycled on FAT32 drives.

You surely do not want those folders also uploaded by FTP to the server.

So I suggest to create on drive E: a folder Domains or Homepages and specify this folder for FTP synchronization and use it as project/link folder.

You should have also checked the setting Show FTP log in output window at Advanced - Configuration - FTP and have the output window opend when starting the synchronization to see what fails if the error occurs on FTP transfer. If no error can be seen on FTP transfer, there is most likely a problem with NTFS permissions on local drive.

As I have never setup a project with FTP sync, I'm not sure if all folders of remote server must already exist on local folder, too. The power tip is not detailed enough to answer that question. There is only the information that the linked folder must exist which lets me think that the problem is the selection of the root of drive E: as the standard directory check of Windows kernel fails on root of a drive because root folder is not really a folder.
Thanks for all of your explanations!

I do not like too much nested folders. So I am working since several years with a own partition only for my web folders. All my Autohotkey scripts, my settings in FileZilla, NetDrive, Dreamweaver... are "synchronized" and adapted to this structure (on two computers) ;)

Mofi wrote: that the problem is the selection of the root of drive E: as the standard directory check of Windows kernel fails on root of a drive because root folder is not really a folder.

And, yes, I had the same assumption for "my" error messages. But I do not want to have as many projects as I have web folders/homepages and hoped to "beat" all of them via only one project (as I have only one FTP site for all of the subfolders = domains/homepages).
Well, in this case I suggest to report this issue to IDM support by email.

The check for existence of local path should be more smart. If

  1. the length of the local path is just 3 AND
  2. first character is a letter in any case AND
  3. the second character is a colon AND
  4. the third character is a backslash
UltraEdit should check for existence of the drive instead of existence of the directory.
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