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I just went to change the language back to English (from Chinese).
You will need to download and install the English version of UEStudio to change the menu language as unlike some applications UEStudio is built with only a single language and there is no option within the application to select a different language. You will need to uninstall the Chinese language first.


And if you do not want the Chinese environments anymore (menus, toolbars, templates, ...) you need to delete also manually after uninstalling Chinese UEStudio in directory %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UEStudio the files

  • *.in1 - workspace files of the environments/layouts
  • *.mb1 - main menu profile files of the environments/layouts
  • *.pb1 - popup menu profile files of the environments/layouts
  • *.tb1 - toolbar profile files of the environments/layouts
  • templates\*.tp1 - template files of the environments/layouts
  • uestudio.mb0 - used main menu profile file
  • uestudio.pb0 - used popup menu profile file
  • uestudio.tb0 - used toolbar profile file
The last 3 files can, but must not exist.
Thanks fgeurts and Mofi. This explained why I could not find the UI of menu language selection.
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