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I have the trial version of US. There is no icon in the toolbar to select cleanup for Thunderbird as advertised. Is the trial version crippled?
Yes, UltraSentry 13.00 (release year as major version) does not contain all features previous version 6.10 (real version number) has had, but instead contains other features. So the power tip Secure email cleanup does not explain what currently latest version of UltraSentry supports, but what the previous version 6.10 of UltraSentry supported.

I asked IDM support by email after release of US v13.00 why some features I used in US v6.10 are not available anymore in US v13.00. In my own words what IDM replied:

The reason for the difference in features list and especially in missing features available in previous version can be explained by the fact that UltraSentry v6.10 was an application totally tailor-made for Windows and Windows applications. Therefore the code of US v6.10 was not portable for Linux and MacOS. For that reason IDM decided to completely rewrite UltraSentry making it possible to port UltraSentry in future also to the other platforms. I got the information from IDM support that most of the features of US v6.10 currently missing are planned to return in US 13.10 that got to be released this year.

If you are interested in UltraSentry mainly of secure deletion of Thunderbird emails, I suggest to contact IDM support by email and ask for latest installer of US v6.10 for language ? and additionally ask if and when support for secure deletion of Thunderbird emails is planned to return in US v13.xx. IDM is accommodating towards you surely and will send you US v6.10 for testing. And don't forget that any upgrade to a new version of US 13.xx supporting again secure deletion Thunderbird emails is free within a year (365 days) starting from day on buying the license. So when you get US v6.10 from IDM support, test it a month and come to the decision that it is the right tool for you and therefore you buy the license for US v6.10, you will be able to upgrade for free to US v13.xx and most likely also US v14.00 up to July 2014.
Okay, I've done all that and v6.10 has the required capability. However, when I try to cleanup Thunderbird there is a progress bar and it appears to be working but all the deleted emails are still in the trash folder. I suspect the trash folder must be emptied before running the cleanup. If this is true, how do you make sure it has worked?

I cannot answer your new question as I'm a user like you with the difference of not using or even having installed Thunderbird.

Perhaps another user can help here or you ask IDM support by email for clarification on usage of the secure deletion feature for Thunderbird emails.

It could be important to know for IDM support respectively another forum member which version of Thunderbird you use in case there was a change in email storage management in the past.

What I read is that Thunderbird stores all emails in a single binary file like Outlook and emptying the trash results only in removing an email from the index in this file, but content remains. So for a real deletion of the email contents a tool like UltraSentry has to do what Outlook and most likely Thunderbird do when compacting the database: rename current storage file, copy all not deleted emails into a new file with storage file name and then delete the previous and now renamed storage file. The difference is that UltraSentry secure deletes the not further used storage file.
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