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I know, this is a programming editor, but, you already have word wrap and a spell check function, I'm only asking that you have an option to turn it on for "spell as you go" or "timed check highlighting".

Trust me, using UltraEdit as a word processor is the LAST thing I wanted to do. WordPress has a real problem in the past few releases. Perhaps it is Linux which has the problem. I used to be able to cut & paste from FocusWriter, LibreOffice, etc. I used to be able to use KBlogilo to have posts automatically uploaded with perfect formatting. That has all went south, especially when it comes to fully justified text. Right now I've only found two things I can cut & paste from and have the full justification button work in WordPress. UltraEdit and KWrite. KWrite has automatic spell checking, which makes it a touch nicer.
And UltraEdit supports also spell checking while typing with marking all wrong written or unknown words with a red dashed underline. You only have to enable it.

Under Advanced - Configuration - Spell Checker - Miscellaneous there is the setting Enable spell as you type and some more options.

I have added to my custom toolbar the command Spell as you type which has a red marker symbol. I can see with this command in the toolbar when spell checking while typing is enabled. But I do not enable/disable it with this command in the toolbar because I prefer execution of commands by keyboard. Therefore I have assigned a hotkey to the command SpellAsYouType at bottom of the not sorted commands list at Advanced - Configuration - Key Mapping and use this hotkey to toggle state of spell checking while typing.

With EnableSpellasYouType added somewhere in the first line of a syntax highlighting wordfile left to File Extensions = this feature can be automatically enabled for all files highlighted with this syntax highlighting language.

The ability to toggle Spell as you type via toolbar command or hotkey/chord was introduced with UltraEdit v17.10. The configuration setting is available already since UE v13.00.
I guess I have a long wait then. Linux is on version
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