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I have the share mounted and was able to choose the folder as the project folder, however, when I do a "Find In Files" I get the following error:

Could not set current working directory (error 2: No such file or directory)

Is this possible? Am I doing something wrong? I have the include subdirectories check as well as ignore hidden subdirectories and some subdirectories and filenames set in the ignore fields. I've recently switched to Ubuntu from Windows and I am evaluating UEX before purchasing. Thanks.

Edit: It appears to work if I choose "Files listed" and put in the directory, but it doesn't work when choosing "Project Files". This is not as convenient because I work with many projects throughout the day.
I'm not using UEX, only UltraEdit for Windows. Do you have set just the project directory or added also folders / files to project?

See Create project from an existing directory tree? for an explanation of the different methods to use a project (on Windows). You may need to click on Add Folder button, enter as folder name just ./ and whatever you want in the filter field to add all files in project folder and all subdirectories. But very often the project directory contains files and subdirectories which should not be part of the UltraEdit project like the directory with the object files created and the binary output files, etc. Therefore it is usually better to add only those folders with files to edit/view in UltraEdit like the source code files or the makefile.
Thanks for the tips. It turns out even though I mounted the network location, my project directory was still using the network location instead of the mount location. I opened the .prj file and changed it, and then it worked.
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