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I loved the way Find in Files worked in UltraEdit 14, results showed up on the bottom of the screen and you could stop it when whatever I was looking for appeared.

Now search is done in the background, and it doesn't work for me.

Just now I had to find one text file with a name in it. I did not know where the file was, so I just pointed Find in Files to the root folder. It then used a lot of minutes searching through a lot of files and then some minutes spewing out the result
"Search complete found 'someting' 22766 time(s). 7992 file(s)"
I just needed the first one, or any one!

Is there a function in UltraEdit 19/20 that does this that I'm not aware of?

If not, could you guys implement it?

What I want is either:
- the same method as in UltraEdit 14, results are shown immediately and I could stop the search when I saw what I was looking for;
- a checkbox that said "stop search after finding X" where X would be an integer I entered

Thanks :)
SomeUser wrote: Is there a function in UltraEdit 19/20 that does this that I'm not aware of?

I'm not aware of any possibility to get the found lines displayed in output window immediately with UE v19.xx/20.00.

SomeUser wrote: If not, could you guys implement it?

The user-to-user forum is the wrong location for getting in contact with IDM, read the statement at top of this page.

But I found your feature request quite useful also for myself and therefore sent 2 emails to IDM support. You should do the same. The more users request a feature the higher is the priority for IDM to implement the requested feature and the higher is the chance to get the requested feature in a future version of UltraEdit.


UltraEdit for Windows v24.00 and UEStudio v17.00 display in status bar at bottom of main application window how often the searched string was already found in how many files while running a Find in Files.

This indication is updated after every file which means if very large files with several hundred MB or even GB are searched for a string it can take some seconds to get the information in status bar updated.

Note: The status bar is a single line and therefore can't display completely a multi-line search string or display correct a search string containing horizontal tab character or other not often used whitespace characters. Therefore a horizontal tab character, a carriage return or a line-feed in string to find is problematic for the results indication in status bar while Find in Files is running. It is recommended to use ^t in a non regular expression or UltraEdit regular expression respectively \t in a Unix or Perl regular expression search string for each horizontal tab character. ^r respectively \r should be used for a carriage return and ^n respectively \n for a line-feed in search string. ^p respectively \p (only Unix regex engine) should be used for carriage return + line-feed. I suggested by email that in string to find some often used whitespace characters should be replaced automatically by corresponding special character sequence for status bar indication and find string written into output window/results file, but this further enhancement request is not yet implemented in UE v24.00.0.42.
Best regards from Austria
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