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I use UEX for compilation with AVR assembler. If the compiler/assembler finds errors, output window displays:
"/home/zzz/avr/rev/main.m644:251: Error : Invalid register specified"
When I make a double click on this message, nothing happens. Why?
(On Windows platform all works. [UltraEdit 9.20])

Tool Configuration:
Cmd Line: %P/tavrasm -v -x -b -a %P%N%E -o %P%N%E.bin
Work Dir: %P
UltraEdit for Linux
OS: Ubuntu 13.10
I'm not using UEX and therefore cannot answer your questions on this problem. I suggest to contact IDM support by email and ask for help on this issue if you cannot wait until another user using UEX posts a helpful reply in the next days. Click on a little different blue text email us directly at top of the forum page to open your email application with the address of IDM support. There are unfortunately not many users of UEX active forum members visiting the board frequently.
Best regards from Austria
This was a bug. New version resolves the problem. Thanks.
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