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Building, compiling, or debugging issues
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I got wamp apache installed along with PHP and MySQL.

I'm trying to launch the debugger so I can debug my index.php script.

I created a debugger project and it is listening.

However, when I try to launch this string in my browser address bar, I get a Forbidden message:You don't have permission to access


What am I doing wrong?

Which internet browser do you use to open the local file?

Some browsers are configured by default to block access to local files.

Does your project has a .htaccess file or is such a file configured for the local running Apache webserver?

Before you try a debugging session, you should first try if the local PHP files can be viewed with your browser at all. The access denied error message is most likely caused by the browser configuration or the file access configuration of the local webserver respectively your local website.

One more hint: Avoid spaces in directory and file names as this makes things more complicated than necessary. And avoid upper case characters because on Windows the file systems are not case-sensitive, but on Unix machines the file systems are case-sensitive and very often problems occur because of case-sensitivity on file and directory names.
Best regards from Austria
The problem was that no where in the help docs did it say that my files needed to be in my wamp www folder...I read that on someone's blog...
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