Now the file linked to above depending on your Anti-Virus software may trigger a false positive, because the executable uses UPX compression. This is fine, let your Anti-Virus software nuke just means you'll have to compile the source code yourself...not a big deal. AutoIt can be grabbed and installed from here.

Anyways this is meant to be used to allow more direct access to Version Control Systems like TortoiseSVN, TortoiseGit, TortoiseHg...among others. Rough examples for the listed VCS's is included in the linked to archive.

Set it up like any CMD User Tool except you don't care about grabbing there is none.

So set the working directory to the folder the executable is in, the use one of the following command lines depending on your VCS of choice.

Code: Select all
GenericVCS.exe "TortoiseGit.ini" "%f"

Code: Select all
GenericVCS.exe "TortoiseHg.ini" "%f"

Code: Select all
GenericVCS.exe "TortoiseSVN.ini" "%f"

This is mainly meant as a toolbar item..but use it a you want. Anyways look through the source code if you wish to improve upon it, or add a different VCS.

See also VCSmenu for Version Control & Other Stuff.