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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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I am delighted to see the keyboard shortcuts seem to have been restored in the context shown in the image.
It is the overriding strength of UltraEdit (for me) that I can use the keyboard almost exclusively.
No wasting time moving my hand between mouse and keyboard.
This is a big deal especially I think for those doing repetitive tasks as I am.

The shortcut accelerators shown appear to be not working.
For example if I strike the underlined keys e.g. b (Bookmark all lines) nothing happens.
I am expecting that context menu item to be invoked.
The menu items are invoked if they are selected with the mouse.
You are right, the mnemonic keys of the context menu of the Find String List view are often not working in UE v21.00.0.1033.

Therefore I can only suggest to report this problem by email to IDM support as this is a user-to-user forum. Click on email us directly at top of the forum page.
Best regards from Austria
Do you ever sleep Mofi ? :wink:
This matter has never been deal with satisfactorily.
I am searching for emails from IDM to confirm my recall that I had an encouraging response from them in respect of this matter.
This post being updated ahead of contacting IDM directly.
This screenshot is from back in 2014 not sure what version it was.
Note the keyboard shortcuts but these were not working at the time.
This corroborated by Mofi (who else!!?) at the time see earlier in this post.

In the version of UE I am running (x64) Version the same keyboard shortcuts appear if I use the RHS click keyboard key see below:


The key (no pun intended) is to avoid using the mouse. The ability to configure UE to do so in so many ways is THE reason that I use it so much. Maybe there is a technical reason the shortcuts above have never been made to work. If so then an alternative (that would work for me) would to include a check box in the advanced find dialog box to do same thing - bookmark all lines. It must of course itself have a keyboard short cut to turn it on and off! And preferably a configurable default that may be set here I think might be is the place
Advanced > Configuration > Search > Auto Reset Settings or in this vicinity I guess
See my fantasy check box below:
The menu key opens the context menu of window with input focus. Shift+F10 is the alternate key combination on Windows opening also the context menu of window with input focus for those keyboards which don't have the menu key like my laptop. Shift+F10 can be nevertheless assigned in UltraEdit to a command which disables the Windows default context menu opening behavior which of course I have not done as I need Shift+F10 to open context menus.

Mnemonic keys must be invoked by pressing Alt+key of underlined character. In menus of main menu, in context menu of a document window, and in dialogs it is possible to press just the key of the underlined character if the input focus is currently set on main menu / document window context menu itself or an item in a dialog window which does not accept keyboard inputs. Mnemonic keys support for main menu / document window context menu and dialogs is a Windows built-in feature.

Supporting context menus for list views is a bit different. For tree lists in a list view extra code is needed as there is no built-in support by Windows for context menus of tree controls. The extra code needs to find out which item is currently the active one in the tree list to open the appropriate context menu for this tree list item. Microsoft provided an example code for context menu support in tree lists, see How To Display a Context Menu for CTreeCtrl. But as I found out on using this code for a context menu of a tree list, it does not work right. The provided code by Microsoft does not work for context menus opened by key with mouse cursor being far away from active item in tree list (positioned not in same row of active tree item). So I was forced to write the code by myself to get the context menu working correctly for my tree list in a view opened by key and not by mouse pointer action.

Okay, back to context menu of Find String List view after the general information about mnemonic keys and context menus on Windows.

The mnemonic keys of the context menu of Find String List work, but not by pressing just the key of the underlined character. It is necessary to press Alt+key of underlined character.

And now the really good news for UE/UES users preferring using keyboard for all actions:

Just Alt+B must be pressed for executing the command Bookmark All Lines if Find String List view has the input focus. It is not necessary to open the context menu with menu key or Shift+F10 at all.

You want to go to line in document window being currently selected in Find String List view and the view has the input focus, press Alt+G to execute command Goto without even opening the context menu.

slouw, please send a feature request email to IDM support as I have done already in the past to get the capability to go to lines in document window by key according to previous/next line in Find String List view without moving the input focus to the view at all as it is possible for the output window, see Hotkey for setting focus to "Find String List" window? I use mainly the Find in Files command with found lines written to output window instead of a Find with List lines containing string because of the capability to go to next/previous found line by key from within document window. Also a command to switch input focus to Find String List view and back to document window of active file is still missing which I have requested by email, too. Some other views like File View or Output Window have such commands and of course I use the hotkeys assigned to those commands.
Best regards from Austria
Mofi your knowledge, attention to detail and willingness to share is awesome.
Let me study your response in detail will send feature request to IDM as you suggest.
I too have felt it would be wonderful to move focus between the main editor and the Find String List dialog as well. Thank you. Wonderful.
Mofi this one has been annoying me again. Sorry for the delay. It is a big piece of subject matter for me to absorb. I will fully address as soon as possible including petitioning IDM for aforementioned enhancement. At least 2 of us have been very patient.
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