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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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I have some file comparisons where the UC merge engine is unable to properly merge the changes between two files. I would rather copy the file from "left to right" or "right to left". Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a UC action to simply copy an entire file from one pane to the next.
I have to use Explorer and manually Copy/Paste the files across the folders.
Will there be a future release of UC with a "File Copy" action?
Copying entire files is a typical task on a folder comparison, not a text or binary file comparison.

I use usually a folder comparison with automatic selection of copy direction and if I want to see the changes on the files before running the folder synchronization to copy the files, I double click on a file to run a text/binary comparison for the double clicked files. If it is okay to simply copy a file from folder A to folder B, I just close the text/binare file comparison and continue with folder comparison with setting the appropriate copy direction.

But it is of course also possible in a file text comparison with View - All being currently selected to click into one frame (left or right one), press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to select and copy entire file content, or use from context menu (right mouse button click) the command Copy Frame to Clipboard, and click next into the other frame, press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+V to overwrite entire file content by the entire file content from the other file.
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Folder comparison is what I was using.
Within a folder there are only some of the files I want to copy from left to right.
I cannot use folder synchronization since it is normal for some of the files to be different (think server specific config files).
Within a folder comparison session, it would be nice to have a "Mark File" + "Copy Marked File(s)" actions.
After folder comparison finished, check Sync Folders at bottom and select the synchronization rule you want to use. One more column occurs in both frames: Action. You can now fine tune what UltraCompare should do when you click finally on button Start Sync.

Hint 1: If some files always differ which should be never synchronized, add those files (just their names without path) in the sesssion properties to Ignore folders/file types.

Hint 2: There are the UltraCompare power tips as you already know. But installed with UC Professional is also uc.chm in program files folder of UltraCompare. While Help - Index opens online help of UltraCompare, pressing button Help in the Session Properties window opens this help file. This help file is not up-to-date, but you should nevertheless look on the pages in Getting Started section on Contents tab even if some screenshots and descriptions are not 100% correct anymore. Please take also note of the arrow buttons on top right edge of each help page making it possible to read this help like a book from first to last page according to contents list (with a few errors in navigation).
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