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I am trying to create my own tool-bars, however if I need to make a change it seems to corrupt the whole toolbar. Sometimes showing most of the buttons, but any after the change disappear or get rearranged. Other times, the toolbar appears with NO buttons.

Is there a way to get the buttons I want and have them survive each UltraCompare upgrade? This happened the last time I upgraded and it is happening again.

What I would really like it to have a way to same all of my settings just like with UltraEdit/UEStudio.
Toolbar and menu customization is really a problem in UltraCompare as UC permanently updates them for unknown reason. It would be best to discuss those issues with IDM support by email so that IDM get user experience information on what is not working with customization of toolbars and menus. IDM and also I think that most users do not customize the menus and toolbars of UltraCompare and therefore the problems existing in this area are of a very low priority for IDM. So it is important that users who try to customize a toolbar report back to IDM by email their experiences.

I can only suggest to customize the toolbar and once working, set read-only attribute on file %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraCompare\UCCmds32.cmf containing the toolbar configuration.

Also management of workspace configuration (size, position, state, ... of windows) needs an improvement in UltraCompare. I reported several issues in the past by email to IDM support, but it looks like nobody else as there was not much improvement regarding workspace management.

There is no problem with other elements in configuration dialogs as far as I know now in UC
Best regards from Austria
Thank you so much! I have backups of my backups now. I am so glad to know where the toolbars are saved. I created my own, and they do not take well to tweaking either. :roll:
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