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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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I just upgraded my UltraEdit to version

I can open a member in a dataset on z/OS system by FTP, when I make changes, I cannot save it back to the system, the session in block, I cannot do anything. I can create a brand new file and FTP to the same dataset on z/OS, but cannot make any changes and FTP back after that.

Before I upgraded to the new version, there was no problem. I did not make any changes to the configuration. Thanks.

Downgrade to, no other changes, the problem is solved. Too bad.
I see a change of file wodFtpDLX.dll between UE v21.10.0.xxxx (DLL has version and UE v21.20.0.1014 (DLL has version Most likely the problem is caused by a bug in new version of this FTP client DLL.

Please report this issue to IDM support by email.

Most likely it would be best to pack with ZIP or RAR a copy of %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\uedit32.ini which is copied after using button Clear history at Advanced - Configuration - Toolbars / Menus - Miscellaneous and UltraEdit is closed. Also added to the ZIP archive should be the file containing the FTP account data which is by default also uedit32.ini as long as having not specified a different file at Advanced - Configuration - FTP.

The email should contain detailed instructions for reproducing the problem. As the IDM developers need to access your server, you need to explain in the email which data the IDM developers can access to look what is the problem. So it would be best to create a data file just for this testing purpose. If it is possible for you, you could create a user account for the IDM developers to access only this data file and nothing else on your server. The FTP account dialog should in this case contain only the data for this special test account before copying uedit32.ini respectively the FTP account data file, packing it with ZIP or RAR and attach the archive file to the email.

Very important: Explain in the email that upload is not working in UE v21.20.0.1014, but works in UE v21.10.0.1021 with same account settings and with same UltraEdit configuration, most likely caused by updated wodFtpDLX.dll.

Bugs in code can be fixed only if users report them and the problem is reproducible. That is the reason why I suggest to report this issue to IDM support although in this case it is not easy for you to prepare the data needed for reproducing the problem and you need to grant IDM access to your server as I'm quite sure that IDM has not any or even better same z/OS system running to verify the problem by themselves.

PS: If you are using a personal firewall on your computer, you have hopefully configured that not only UE v21.10.0.1021, but also UE v21.20.0.1014 can pass it.
Best regards from Austria
One of the changes made for 21.20.1014 was to add a "Keep Alive" option to the FTP account settings. I found that when this was enabled for some of the mainframe servers I use that the FTP upload would be interrupted and then fail. If you do install (or later) again, go to the Server tab in the FTP account manager, and make sure the "Keep alive" option is not checked. Also you might check "passive transfers" option so that your save is not being interrupted by a firewall.


I have sent an email to IDM support with a link to this topic. IDM support would like to get in contact with you by email. IDM has a non public updated build v21.20.0.1019 that includes changes for FTP that may address this issue. Those changes are included in the release candidate of UE v21.30 which UltraEdit beta testers have received already for testing. Please contact IDM support by email to get this updated build of UE v21.20.
Best regards from Austria
just installed the latest version,

The problem has been resolved. Thanks.
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