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Hi All,

Where can I download the User Guide / Tutorial for UltraEdit Linux?

There are no Help files were found in the installation directories.

Thank you!
While there is a compiled HTML help file uedit32.chm for UltraEdit for Windows which is always specific for the installed version of UltraEdit for Windows and mostly up-to-date, there is no such help for UltraEdit for Mac and Linux.

Users of UEX/UEM have to use Online Help which contains pages specific for UEX/UEM, but also all pages related to UltraEdit for Windows only as the feature is not yet available in UEX/UEM. I don't know how up-to-date this online help is and how good is explained which feature or configuration setting is available in which version of UltraEdit for Windows / Linux / Mac as I don't use it often.

The power tips page contains links to power tips specific for UEM/UEX.
Best regards from Austria
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