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Help with writing and playing macros
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Is there away to find a specific folder?
For example I have about 1,000 folders, I need to run a macro that tells Ultraedit "Find this folder" once in that folder open "This file" and save.
The challenge I'm having is calling out a specific folder from a csv. I can copy the file name via a macro but then I can't figure out how to paste it into the find with a macro. Make sense?
You can use this macro:

Code: Select all
FindInFiles Recursive "C:\" "*.csv" ""
Find RegExp "%*\Specific Folder\Specific File.csv$"
Clipboard 9
CloseFile NoSave
Open "^c"
Clipboard 0
CloseFile NoSave

It runs a Find in Files with an empty search string recursively on entire drive C: to get a list of all *.csv files on this drive written to results window.

Next the caret is moved to top of the results file containing now a list of CSV files with complete path.

An UltraEdit regular expression is used to find the specific file in the specific folder and selecting the complete file name (entire line).

The found file name with path is copied to user clipboard 9 before closing the results file of Find in Files and opening next the file with name in user clipboard 9.

Last user clipboard 9 is cleared and Windows clipboard is activated again.
Best regards from Austria
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