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  1. Is UltraSentry v13 is compatible with Windows 8.1?
  2. When will be released the next version of US?
  3. Until now I'm using TuneUp shredder for deleting permanently files. But my laptop suffers when I delete large movie files (10 GB and more). Sometimes the cpu temperature rises quickly and my PC performs a shutdown. Is the UltraSentry shredder a 'light' tool not consuming too much cpu performance?
  1. As far as I know, yes, US is compatible with Windows 8.1. I'm using it only on Windows 7 and Windows XP, but I have never read about a problem on usage of US on Windows 8/8.1. The IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. applications are always compatible with latest public released Windows version.
  2. This question can be answered only by IDM support.
  3. Well, the shredder of UltraSentry uses 1 core of the CPU and of course the storage media (hard disk) as fast as possible to secure delete a file. On secure deletion of a very large file this results of course in long and hard stress for the used cpu core and the storage media. There is no option to do the secure deletion in steps with larger breaks between to cool down cpu and hard disk.
Best regards from Austria
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