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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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One of my primary uses for UC is to keep some folders in sync. I use DOpus to show the folders I want to compare and then click on my custom UC button, which loads the source and destination folders in Folder Compare mode. I would like to be able start in Folder Synchronization mode as well, but I cannot find a command line argument for this.


Start UltraCompare and configure the folder synchronization you need to run often. Select the folders to synchronize, select the synchronization rule, ...

Then click on Session - Session Properties and enter a good name for this folder synchronization session. Press button OK.

Next use Session - Save Active Session to store that session for re-usage. You can see now the session on tab Sessions on dockable view Explorer & Sessions.

Now you can run from command line or Directory Opus uc.exe with parameter -prf and the name of the session.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraCompare\uc.exe" -prf "Sync Folder X"

Sync Folder X is the name of the saved session.

It is currently not possible to save a session without specifying the folder paths and specify or overload the stored folder paths with folder paths specified on command line. In other words to use a session just as template to define the mode and parameters, but not what should be compared/synchronized.

See my post on topic How to specify "column range" info for different types of files? containing my feature request sent to IDM support on 2014-08-08. If you would like also such an enhancement, request same feature. The more users request a feature the higher becomes the priority for being implemented.
Best regards from Austria
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