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I love that multi-caret has been added to UEx.

However, as I try and not use my mouse while editing, the current addition ends up being of limited value. Is there a keyboard-only method for setting multiple carets (e.g. Sublime Text uses CTRL-D)? I couldn't find anything other than mouse-only instructions in the online help. If not, is one planned?

Thanks for all the great work!
It is currently (2014-11-28) not possible to create multiple selections with keyboard only in any UltraEdit.

If such an enhancement - a special mode for creating multiple selections by key - is planned or not can be answered only by support of IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. by email.
Best regards from Austria
I've requested it via email - and also the option to stop/escape multi-caret editing via the keyboard (currently you have to use the mouse as well) - the more people request it the higher priority it gets so do take a moment to send your suggestion to IDM. ( As with other several other editors ctrl-d would be very nice )
Keyboard support for quickly adding selections for successive occurrences of selected strings has been added to UE v23.00.0.56 :P (Windows version)
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