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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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Hi folks,
Is there any way I can exclude all my compiled Progress source code from being shown within my project. They are easily identified by their file extension (*.r) and I need to keep them in the same folder as the source code but would prefer not to see them within my project.
Yes, there is Filter at bottom of the project settings dialog where you can specify which files to include. For example *.c;*.h is very common for 'C' projects.

There is no exclude filter, just an include filter. So you have to specify the files you want in your project using wildcards like when using command dir in a command prompt window separated by semicolons.

If your projects contains explicitly specified folders using Add folder button, it is possible to use an include filter per folder.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks that was the way I did it but would have preferred to have just excluded one rather than having to add them all
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