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After upgrading to (OS X 10.9.4) I can't type, cursor loses focus after type on-two characters, sometimes I can type more chars, and then lose focus again.
Has anyone met with this situation?
I suggest to contact IDM support by email if this problem exists only with UEM and no other application and just with latest version of UEM.

I found the thread All windows lose focus after 3-5 seconds in Apple Support Communities forum. Perhaps some of the posts there help you to identify the problem. Or perhaps the hints are helpful users gave on How do I tell which app stole my focus in OS X? on Super User board.
Best regards from Austria
I see the same problem too, also after upgrade to OS X Yosemite. Application focus stays on UEM, can still use shortcuts to save for example, just not type anything.
I upgraded to OS X Yosemite to see if the problem resolved, it did not. I'm currently on OS X 10.10.1

I tried various things, including the python script mentioned on apple forums, but focus never left UltraEdit.

I went back to a previous version of UltraEdit and there were no issues. I returned to and experimented, found that by removing "Show auto-complete dialog automatically" I was able to solve the issue on my copy. Go to UltraEdit -> Editor, Auto-Complete, then clear the Auto-Complete. This seems to have resolved the issue, so this is actually a bug or compatibility issue with I'll post back if the behavior returns.
magudas, many thanks for taking the time to discover the source of the problem.

Please report this problem by email to IDM support to get it fixed by the IDM developers in a future version of UEM as soon as possible.
Best regards from Austria
Download the latest (Downloads button links to it) and the problem is fixed. It was a bug in autocomplete that caused it.
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