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I have just installed UltraSentry and have noticed a US icon in Microsoft Word. When I go to Tools/Customize/Toolbars and either uncheck or delete the UltraSentry entry the icon disappears for the current session of Word. However, on a new instance of Word, the UltraSentry icon reappears. How can I permanently get rid of the UltraSentry icon?

Thanks, Bill
I have been having the same issue with the icon loading each time I open word and reloading even after I uncheck it. Also, since the install of Sentry and the other ULead products, every time I close Word I received a Visuall C++ run time error.

To remove the icon from your toolbar - its loaded via a DLL call by Sentry. Go to the directory that Sentry is installed to (generally C:\program files\IDM Computer soluctions\UltraSentry\ )

Find the file:

Rename the file to

This will stop the macro from loading.

See also the MS KB article number 555220 How to Troubshoot a Visual C++ Runtime Error.
There is a second way to get rid of the UltraSentry Word plugin (...icon), explained as a general matter here: ... talled.htm

Following that instruction one can disable it in Word by using Word's "COM Add-Ins" dialog box.

That way a renaming of the dll can be avoided -- which is mainly useful if one (like me) uses tools (spybot, NortonUtilities) producing unnecessary warning messages about the "missing" dll otherwise.
Why hacking on the Word/Excel integration of UltraSentry (v2.00c) if you can specify the integration in UltraSentry at File - Configuration - General?

Uncheck the 2 options Integrate UltraSentry with MS Word and Integrate UltraSentry with MS Excel and UltraSentry is removed from Word and Excel.
Best regards from Austria
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