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First one is pretty simple.... Is there a way to Copy (Ctrl+C not being one of them) the text displayed in the output window?

Second one... I have code that is coming out like this:
(Sure wish I could copy this part...)
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   Testing auth x[0;36mx[40mtestSSHx[0m functionality
   Elapsed        0.82 seconds.

Yup, ANSI color.
Is there a way to display this?
Right click into output window and a context menu opens with the commands Copy To Clipboard and Copy Selected Line To Clipboard. Hotkeys for those commands can be customized at Advanced - Configuration - Key Mapping. The output window commands start all with Out like OutCopyToClipboard.

As the output window is not an ANSI terminal window, the ANSI escape sequences are always displayed as captured and never interpreted.

There is View - Views/Lists - SSH/Telnet Console which opens a real terminal window. In SSH/Telnet Account Manager dialog it is possible on tab Terminal to configure for each SSH/Telnet account the terminal type including how to interpret ANSI escape sequences.

But if you just capture output of a command to output window, you could run your tool via a batch file which filters output of the tool and removes all escape sequences. Another method would be running the tool via an UltraEdit script which takes output of tool captured to a file, removes the escape sequences with one or more regular expression replaces and finally writes filtered output into output window.
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1. Missed the Obvious... thanks (redfaced)

2. Cool, will look into that
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