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The UltraFinder's product page says that you can:

"Find any file, word, text string, pattern, duplicate and everything else you need in seconds...on your hard drive, on your shared and network volumes, on your removable drives, or even on a remote FTP/SFTP server!"

I just purchased a license and do not see how to evaluate shared or network volumes.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
What about using UNC paths, i.e. \\servername\share\path\on\share ?
Best regards from Austria
Does UNC work? I have tried it on a trial version of the UltraFinder. It did not work. Can anyone say definitively if UNC searches are supported? Thanks.
I installed UltraFinder, started it, entered tickets/index.html as search string, added an UNC path by typing it and hitting key RETURN, selected File contents for Find matches by, entered *.html for In files/types, clicked on button Start and could see UltraFinder searching recursive in *.html files of entered UNC path for the string tickets/index.html and as expected found this string in one file.

So searching for strings in files of a network share using UNC path does definitely work. Searching for a string in files of a network share mapped to a drive letter also works.


Best regards from Austria
That is what I was expecting; exactly what you posted Mofi. I tried last week as you proscribed and it just hung. I had better luck today. It works; in fact UltraFinder has the advantage over some its competitor products of being able to do just a match on file names. Thanks.
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