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Help with setting up and configuring custom user tools in UltraEdit (based on command line input)
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Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter is an open-source (APGL) T-SQL formatting library with various plugins for different IDEs/editors.

Their site lists a plugin for Notepad++, but not UltraEdit.

We use their Plugin for SSMS and it is great. Wondering if it would be possible to use it with UltraEdit as well
UltraEdit has no plugin interface. In other words it is not possible to write DLLs with access to various functions exported by UltraEdit for the plugins to access data in active file.

UltraEdit offers a macro and a script interface. The script interface makes it possible to reformat data in any opened file using self-written code.

Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter is also available as command line tool. That could be an option for UltraEdit as it is possible to configure a user tool to run a command line tool on active file. So it would be possible to reformat active file by the usage of a user tool and command line version of this reformatter tool.
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