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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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I have tested folder compare (byte-by-byte) several times, but I have never seen files indicated as being different so far. I wonder when that indication can really happen. For any two files of same name with different content, UltraCompare shows older file as brown color, and newer file as green color. In my experience, UltraCompare does not merely tell us "the two files are different". The program always tell us something more - this is older and that is newer. So looks like there is no chance the underlined feature can happen.
Have you ever seen the different indication? Then how can I produce it?
Example 1: On both sides files exist with same name and same last modification date, but the file sizes are different.

Example 2: On both sides files exist with same name, but file sizes and last modification dates are different and additionally the option to ignore timestamp differences is enabled.

The option to ignore timestamp differences can be enabled in submenu Folder Ignore Options of menu Options or in Session Properties opened from menu Session.

A test case for example 1 is creating 2 new files in UltraEdit and save first new file in folder 1 with name FileDifferenceTest.txt and second new file also with name FileDifferenceTest.txt in folder 2. After this first save of both files with same name in different folders, both files must be modified with a different number of characters. Last command Save All is used to save both modified files more or less at the same time. Now there are 2 files with same name and same file date in folder 1 and folder 2, but having a different file size.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you. The problem was solved. To verify example 1, one must save both txt files less than 1 second.
Such trick is impossible for a person with slow fingers. I found a program that can change modification time of files, and finally I verified it.
Thank you!
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