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Yes, I've already requested this to IDM, and I know they don't monitor the forums.

I was just wondering, though, am I the only person that would like to see something like this? I've been pretty much converting all my software to touch friendly, as I have a touch system. I still use a mouse, and sometimes a pen or stylus, but the vast majority I don't even grab the mouse, I use the screen directly with my fingers. Multi-touch is awesome.

There is something very advantageous to have a program/app that you can work on at the desktop, shut down, pick up a tablet, and keep working on that same file. It's not always as easy typing when you're a fast touch typist, but it makes it possible to do quick edits while away from your desk and not having to carry a full laptop with you. Having something like a Surface Pro 3 is nice, but touchpads are horrendous to use for me so I use the screen instead. On "non-touch friendly" programs and apps, using a touch screen on such a high-res device is extremely difficult, because you can't get your fat little fingers to navigate the small menus. You have to use a mouse, which kind of defeats the purpose of it being easy to use while in hand.

What I'd really like to see is once Windows 10 is out, to have a Windows 10 universal app that could be installed on my Desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone, so that I can carry it with me everywhere. It would basically make the PortableApps version obsolete, or at least endangered.

Was just wondering if there is anyone else out there that feels the same way about wanting touch friendly?
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Yep, I'm in. Using a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 more and more. Lovely device when using apps that are designed for it. Not sure that, even with touch support, I could do very much text editing on it though.
I wonder if tablet users, used to the sub $10 prices for most apps, would ever pay $70+ for UE(S) apps. I would think that porting UE/UES to a WIN8/WIN10 tablet would be possible. Android devices might be able to run a ported version of the UNIX/Linux source code with some grunt work by IDM. IPads would need a new ground-up version. But I'm not sure there would be enough demand to cover the cost.

I don't know about the use of a touch interface for UE or UES. Since I code on it, most of my actions are keyboard based. Cut and paste actions may work well using a touch interface, but reaching for the screen would kill the benefit in most cases. I use a 4K display so there is no way I would replace that with a touchscreen. I have been meaning to attach a Watcom digitizing pad to use as a large touchpad (it's 10x8) to see if I would use it over my mouse. I already have the Watcom, it was used by my daughter for artwork but has been replaced. Otherwise, at over $200 for a new one, I don't know if it would be cost-effective for most users. There are a lot of other brands out there with much lower prices, though.

My daughter, who is handicapped but who loves to draw and use the computer, has a 27in retina monitor as her main display with a 22in full-pivot secondary display that is a pressure-sensitive touch-screen. In the horizontal position it is one of the biggest touchpads you've ever seen.

The Chinese 22-in 1920x1080 display we bought cost nearly $700 but if we had purchased the preferred Watcom Cintiq 22in model it would have been over $2K. At this time nobody makes a large touchscreen display with resolutions above 1920x1080 that is affordable by the average person. The 22in maps well enough to her main display to allow her to create artwork.
I don't think you'd get many iPad users wanting it. iPads are generally known for more casual use. Serious users will get the Mac Book Air, or if they want a serious tablet will get a Surface Pro 3.

I'm using a touch screen laptop running Windows 10 Tech Preview. I also have Windows 10 on my phone. A universal app would be great for me, but I can understand where most wouldn't want to change things up.

I'm currently looking for something that I can use as a universal app for both. I have no problems paying higher dollar amounts in an online store for apps I would use as a professional. I'm sure if it were ever done for an android device they would all cry foul, because they want everything free.
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I purchased a UB-15MS10SA "Unbranded" Windows 10.1" tablet off eBay for $100. It runs Windows 8.1 very nicely, and a touch-focused version of UE would really be nice.

That said, simple tweaks can significantly improve the overall UE experience on a touchscreen: Use the Document Map to scroll (I actually haven't tested this yet, but it seems logical that it would work), increase the width of the scrollbars through the OS (do a Google search to find the registry settings), switching the toolbar buttons to "Large buttons", etc. It's not perfect, but it definitely improves things.
How you will type text/edit files without normal (physical) keyboard? Onscreen keyboard IMHO - not suitable in this case.
It's impossible to lead us astray for we don't care even to choose the way.
Full-on programming is not something I would use an onscreen keyboard for. However, for minor edits of files in my cloud storage while "on the go", this would be ideal.

Also, just making the controls "touch friendly" would be a real plus for me, as I have a touch enabled laptop. As track pads go, I hate them. It is much easier to navigate using touch with a screen that is situated close to the keyboard when you're on the go with a touch enabled laptop. At home, I like to plug in a mouse when I'm at my desk, and I dock my laptop to a larger screen, mouse, larger ergonomic keyboard, etc. But on the go, I need buttons and menus that are more touch friendly.

Microsoft Office 2013 is more touch friendly and works great with mouse/keyboard at the same time. I'm not looking for a "different" touch version, just a version that lets you do everything you do now, but would allow multiple forms of input.
“Don’t document the problem, fix it.” – Atli Björgvin Oddsson
I recently purchased an Android 2 in 1 from North Korea Inc. (Walmart) because I'm going to be doing some Qt development targeted at Android and I needed a sacrificial device. It would be nice if UE could cross compile the Linux version for Android. Maybe release it under Termux?

which is how one has to install and run Postgresql currently.

Searched on the Web for "best" text editors and distraction free word processors. So far everything either sucks or is so rampant with ads one cannot use it. DroidEdit is quasi-functional, but still.

True, nobody on Droid would pay $90 for a text editor even if it offered spell as you type functionality. To some extent I find it difficult to believe I purchased a multi-machine annual subscription for UE and I go through most of the year without it installed anywhere because between QtCreator and KATE I have all I need. Having some version of UE available for Droid would help justify that.

Haven't looked at the resource requirements for UE but another issue would be most of these cheaper Droid devices only have 1 GiB of physical RAM without any option of adding more. Yes, under a Linux shell like termux there could be swap file but that is still not physical RAM.

UE should definitely consider a stripped down version of the Linux editor (which is already stripped down from the Windows version) which could be put on Google Play for $5-$7.
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