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Building, compiling, or debugging issues
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I am writing a compiler. I have a question regarding errors. I am fairly sure they should be written to stdout. Does anybody know the formating recognized by the IDE. That is being able to Goto source line error. I think the line looks some like:


Take a look at Problem with goto line with error listed in output window after compilation.

See also Output and Error Message Control in GCC documentation and MSBuild / Visual Studio aware error messages and message formats.

Common is that a character is used between name of file with path and line number which is is either not allowed in file name like : and / or which are very uncommon in file names like ( and , and ).
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Thanks Mofi. That's what I was looking for. I suppose worming to be the same. Does UES distinguish between them other the program exit code? Does UES recognize specific exit codes? My hard drive has died so be a while before I can get back to work in my project. Probably going to put an a A10-7850 system together this spring.

Thanks again. Got so much chaff from search engines I gave up on them. Really helpful.
steamerandy wrote: Does UES distinguish between them other the program exit code? Does UES recognize specific exit codes?

UEStudio itself does not evaluate the exit codes. But make tool called by UltraEdit to compile all files of a project and finally link them does of course evaluate exit code to determine if next stage on build process should be started or not.

The general rule is that a compiler exits with 0 on successful compilation without or with warnings. On an error the exit code is greater than 0. Which value greater 0 an exit code has is only important for an analysis of the developer of the compiler or a user really interested in. But scripts and make tools usually just check for an exit code greater 0 to determine further processing steps.

Note: Errors are usually written to stderr as often also warnings while other messages like which file is compiled are written to stdout.
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