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Syntax highlighting, code folding, brace matching, code indenting, and function list
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I would like to add the OpenEdge language to HTML syntax highlighting. The tag to run openedge code is <!--WSS

Is this even possible ? Or is multiple language syntax highlighting limited to only a fixed set of languages ? (ASP, PHP, Javascript etc.)

Thanks !
Multi-language syntax highlighting for HTML files explains multi-language support for HTML. The supported languages are fixed and adding one more language by user is not possible.

You can at least add to html.uew the additional keywords of OpenEdge in separate color groups. That would result in getting them at least syntax highlighted, see old topic Progress/OpenEdge Syntax highlighting and Downloads - Extras - Wordfiles. But full multi-language support for OpenEdge within HTML files is not possible without making changes on code of UltraEdit.

Therefore I highly recommend to send a feature request email to IDM support which includes:

  1. A syntax highlighting wordfile for OpenEdge with keywords and other strings like operators, braces, etc. in color groups, function strings, indent strings, brace strings, code folding strings, line and block comments, ... and containing the not yet support language marker keyword OPENEDGE_LANG in first line of the wordfile after language name in double quotes.
  2. An information about the string which marks begin of an OpenEdge block within a HTML file.
  3. An information about the string which marks end of an OpenEdge block within a HTML file.
What I see on the little information you wrote is that an OpenEdge block is defined within a HTML comment block. This is different to other embedded languages in HTML. This will make it most likely more difficult for adding multi-language support of OpenEdge as parsing for a comment block has highest priority in syntax highlighting and everything within a comment block is not further interpreted by UltraEdit as far as I know.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks for your quick response !

I understand I can make an enhancement request for OPENEDGE_LANG. Problem is that OpenEdge is a niche language, so I don't expect much out of the request. I'll make the request anyway! I assume this is an issue with ColdFusion as well, which is less of a niche than OpenEdge.

Maybe I could replace PHP with OpenEdge ? But from reading the forum posts this seems to be hardcoded.

FYI I have the ability to change <!--WSS to be any tag I want in the openedge compiler. To clarify, yes this tag is used inside <HTML> content much like ASP or PHP. Sorry if that was not clear in my original post.

I am also hoping to do similar for Coldfusion.
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