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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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I use the FTP function of UE (latest version) when connecting to customers to read log files etc.

I'm experiencing problems with the 'date modified' date.

The screenshot represents lines from the 'Output Window' vs the 'File Tree View'
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Files modified today (or this year) are represented with 'MM DD HH:24' whilst files modified the year before are represented with 'MM DD YYYY'.
It seems like UE has troubles reading the first format and shows it as 1970-01-01 01:00:00 while other one kind of works. All the older files get the right date but the wrong time 12:00:00.

- Is this and FTP server error or should UE behave differently.
- Does anyone else have this problem?
- And/or is there any fix?

It looks like the FTP server does not return the date string correct for all files on returning the directory list.

I suggest to enable the setting Use MDTM and SIZE on tab Server in FTP Account Manager for this FTP account and check if that helps. This makes getting the list of files in a directory with file date and size slower as it can be read in help after clicking on button Help. But it should help to get the file date correct.

Further I suggest to look for an update of the FTP server software if you have administrator privileges on the server.
Best regards from Austria
That's weird, because it returns the dates perfectly fine with other FTP-clients (e.g. filezilla).

I've tried setting MDTM on but to no avail.
I suggest to compare full FTP log from beginning of connection to server to end of getting directory list written by UltraEdit into the output window with the full FTP log of other FTP client and look on the differences. Perhaps there is something at beginning like different mode set or different directory list command sent from client to server which explains the differences in returned directory list. Compare also the settings for the account in UltraEdit with the settings in other FTP client as much as it is possible.
Best regards from Austria
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