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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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I created a project of related files. I've been working on the project for several days. I realized that some code I wrote for one program would be useful as a standard library routine so I created a new file tab in UltraEdit and copied the code into it. After adding in the necessary lines to make it a callable external routine, I named and saved the file locally (the project files are opened via FTP from a remote server). I did not add this new file to my project.

If I open files using the recent file list or by the Open command on the File menu, only the file or files I select open. However, whenever I load project precip_presav the other file is opened as well and since it is local it is always the first tab. As you can see in the attached image, the six files that are members of my project are opened. The extra file, has opened as well. This time it and my project opened full sized but sometimes they open as cascaded windows which is also unwanted.

projecterr.png (23.69 KiB) Viewed 1041 times

I do not have the Advanced -> Configuration -> File Handling -> Load -> Reload files previously open on startup box checked.

I am not a regular user of projects so I do not know if this behavior is normal or a bug, but I lean towards the latter.

UltraEdit version (due to IT manning issues, no upgrades will be installed until the next major version is available)
The workspace file of a project (*.pui - project user interface) stores all data on closing a project/workspace to restore the workspace on next opening of project/workspace. This includes:

  1. The names of all files opened on closing project/workspace independent on file being a project file or not.
  2. The window state, position and size of each opened file on closing project/workspace.
  3. The order of the opened files.
  4. The position of the caret in each opened file.
  5. The bookmarks set in each opened file whereby it is customizable if bookmarks are remembered.
  6. The code foldings in each opened file whereby it is customizable if code foldings are remembered.
  7. Which other views are currently opened in which state, where positioned and in which size.
If you do not want to have this local file opened on opening project/workspace, close the file, then close project/workspace via menu Project - Close Project/Workspace, and finally re-open the project/workspace also from menu Project containing at bottom the list of recently opened projects/workspaces (or from File - Recent Projects/Workspaces). This time the local file should not be opened anymore.

In case of the file is still opened, the workspace file might be write-protected. Check the write permissions on the file and the read-only attribute on project.pui.

At Advanced - Configuration - File Handling - Advanced it is customizable where the *.pui file is stored for a project with the last 2 options. Click on button Help for details about those 2 configuration settings and where the *.pui file is stored according to which options are used.
Best regards from Austria
Mofi, thanks for the answer. I did close the file and then closed the project and it fixed the issue.

The random window state at open also ended at that point but I still wonder if this part of my original problem could be a bug. I had not used cascading windows in UE in several months, well before I created this project and the new file.

As a test I opened my project, opened the extra file and then closed UE. When I restarted it and loaded my project, as expected the extra file opened as well. All opened in the full window state. I tried opening and closing multiple times and always all files were in the full window state.
Hi Mick,

because of post projects open with files maximized I tested workspace restore on opening a project/workspace in several configurations and I found 2 very special configurations where the document windows of the files are not restored in same state as on closing the project/workspace with UE v21.30.0.1016. I found also quite simple to apply workarounds for both issues and reported all to IDM support by email. Both special workspace restore issues still exist in UE v21.30.0.1024. But as you can read on referenced topic, there were other workspace restore issues in previous versions of UltraEdit which were fixed in UE v21.20.0.1009.
Best regards from Austria
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