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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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Is there a way to show files (not just directories) in File Tree View? This used to be possible in v16, but I cannot find the option to enable this in v22. There is no appropriate option in Configuration > Application Layout > File Tree View.
On tab Explorer in File View there are by default two panes. The upper pane shows the drives and directories. The lower pane shows the subdirectories and the files of the directory selected in pane above with additional information like last modification date, file size, etc. making it possible to list the files sorted by a different column than name.

At top of tab Explorer there is the Filter edit field, a right angle button for selecting a filter from a list, and an open folder button with tool tip Split Pane. Clicking on this button results in hiding the files pane and listing the files now together with the directories in a single window. The button changes to a closed folder symbol.
Best regards from Austria
Forgot to reply last year. This worked, thanks!
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