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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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Just upgraded to UE v22 from v20 and noticed right off the bat the new changes to the FTP Browser window. When I select File - FTP/Telnet and then Browse to open up a new FTP session, I'm presented with 4 windows tiled. I don't want that and I would like to have the old look of 2 windows side-by-side like I had in UE v20. I have tried to close the extra windows but don't see an option to do that so I adjust everything so that I am back to seeing just 2 windows. However, when I close and reopen, everything is back to 4 windows tiled. Any ideas how I can get back to the classic look I had in the older version?
Sorry, but the UltraEdit FTP Browser window is not customizable regarding its layout in currently latest UE v22.0.0.66. Pressing key F1 after opening this window results in opening in help page for this window. You will not find any information about an option to get separated directory and file panes of local/remote side back into a single pane.

Perhaps it could be helpful for you on your workflow to enable Display FTP accounts in Explorer view at Advanced - Configuration - FTP, open Explorer tab on File View, click there at top on open folder icon to disable split pane feature (yes, this window is customizable in that way), and have now directories and files on connected FTP server in the tree view you prefer.
Best regards from Austria
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