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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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Hi all,

I'm using UC v15.10

I have a program that transforms pdf to txt.
Can I compare only the filename without extension of two folder with UltraCompare?
obviously the size and the date are different

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Thanks a lot
That is an interesting task: a folder comparison with ignoring file extension. I don't think that this can be done with UltraCompare.

However, if you are interested only in list of files being unique in PDF and TXT folder ignoring file extension, you could do following:

  • Create a batch file with following content:
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    @echo off
    rem Set folder for listing file names without extension to directory passed as
    rem first parameter to this batch file or use the current working directory.
    if "%~1"=="" ( set "Folder=%CD%" ) else ( set "Folder=%~1" )
    rem Output name of each non hidden file in this folder.
    for %%F in ( "%Folder%\*" ) do echo %%~nF
    set "Folder="
  • Run this batch file with command line: BatchFileName.bat "PDF Folder Path" >"%TEMP%\FilesListPDF.txt"
  • Run this batch file with command line: BatchFileName.bat "TXT Folder Path" >"%TEMP%\FilesListTXT.txt"
  • Compare with UltraCompare the two text files "%TEMP%\FilesListPDF.txt" and "%TEMP%\FilesListTXT.txt" and look on the different lines.
  • Delete the two text files with command line: del "%TEMP%\FilesList*.txt"
It would be of course possible to write a batch file which directly outputs the list of unique files in the two folders.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you

I'm trying with batch.

Maybe in a next release of UC :)
vassili wrote: Maybe in a next release of UC :)

Well, this depends on a feature request email to IDM support by you and other UC users.
Best regards from Austria
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