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Syntax highlighting, code folding, brace matching, code indenting, and function list
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The advertising for UltraEdit says that Unix Shell Scripting is supported. I can't find this feature. I tried creating a project and adding a file with .sh and .ksh but UltraEdit is not providing the Unix Shell Script formatting, highlighting etc features. How can I get this to work?
Go to Downloads - Extras - Wordfiles, download and install as explained on this page (move or copy file to %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\wordfiles on Windows) the wordfile for UNIX Shell. There is a second syntax highlighting wordfile named Bourne & Korn Shell. I don't know which one is better.

As I'm using only UltraEdit for Windows, I don't know if UEX (UE for Linux) or UEM (UE for MAC) are installed already with an appropriate syntax highlighting wordfile for Unix shell scripts. Unix shell script editing is not so popular on Windows and therefore UE for Windows does not come with a pre-installed syntax highlighting wordfile for Unix shell scripts.
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UEx installs a wordfile at least for Bash. This wordfile is configured for files with the extension ".sh" or ".csh". UEx also seems to recognize at least some shebang strings to apply this wordfile to. For example, the extensionless file "git-pager" on my system has the Bash highlighting applied due to the "#!/bin/sh" shebang it has as its first line.

Note that the help for UE only mentions Perl, PHP, Python, and XML as using shebang detection, but it makes sense that it would be used for shell scripts too.
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