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Has anyone run into the problem of wanting to select text from the output window and copy? Ideally, if the output window has focus and you hit ctrl+c it will copy from that window and not the main editor window. Has anyone else wanted this behavior? imo, the current state seems more of a bug...
By right clicking into the output window, the context menu opens with:

  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Copy Selected Line To Clipboard
Those 2 commands are available also in Key Mapping configuration dialog for hotkey/chord assignment: OutCopyToClipboard and OutCopySelectedLinesToClipboard.

I did not notice before Copy Selected Line to Clipboard versus OutCopySelectedLinesToClipboard. The context menu item name is better because it is only possible to copy a single line. Just the first selected line is copied to clipboard if multiple lines are selected.

It is not possible at the moment in UE v22.10.0.12 to select just a string within a line instead of an entire line and copy that string to clipboard or select a block over multiple lines and copy the selected block to clipboard. Such an enhancement would be definitely worth an enhancement request.

And yes, I agree that more intuitive would be Ctrl+C copies selected text in output window if the output window has the input focus. That is definitely worth a second enhancement request email to IDM support.

I have just sent 3 emails to IDM support:

  • UE - Copy Selected Line to Clipboard versus OutCopySelectedLinesToClipboard in key mapping
  • UE - Enhancement request for possibility to select any string or block in output window
  • UE - Enhancement request for copying selection in output window with Ctrl+C
I ask everybody else interested in those output window enhancements to do the same. The more users request a feature/enhancement the higher becomes the priority for implementation.
Best regards from Austria
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