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Is there a hotkey to go back into the Find String List window?

I tend to do a lot of searches with List lines containing strings checked. That produces the wonderful Find String List window.

I can, without mouse, scroll through that list, hit ENTER on an item, and get taken into the editor on that line.

But I can't figure out how to get back to the Find String List window (to chose another match) except via the mouse. I've searched around the help; this site, and Google, etc. Somehow, if there is an answer, it eludes me.

Anyone know?
The short answer: There is no command or hotkey to set input focus to Find String List window.

The long answer:

There are the commands FocusToOpenAddressBar, FocusToOutputWindow and FocusToTreeView in key mapping configuration dialog, but there is no command to set input focus to find string list view.

There are the commands OutPreviousMessage and OutNextMessage with the default hotkeys Ctrl+Shift+UP ARROW and Ctrl+Shift+DOWN ARROW to navigate from within the document window to next line in a file according to next line (with a file name and line number) in output window which is very useful on processing compiler results captured to output window and find in file results written to output window.

I sent following enhancement request by email to IDM support on 2012-02-13:

Mofi wrote: Navigating through the lines in Find String List from within document window

I'm testing UE v18.00.0.1005. The lines found with a Find using List Lines Containing String option are now listed in a dockable view. It would be great if it would be possible to navigate in the document window through the lines listed in that view.

It is possible to navigate through the lines in the output window with file name and line number using Ctrl+Shift+Down/Up from within document window. Such commands would be great also for the Find String List.

What about commands like "FoundLineNext" and "FoundLinePrevious" listed in the key mapping configuration dialog with default hotkeys Alt+Shift+Down for FoundLineNext and Alt+Shift+Up for FoundLinePrevious which are both currently not assigned by default to any command?

That would make it not necessary to right click on every line in the Find String List window and click with left button on Goto command which is not very handy if the list contains more than 20 lines.

I'm still waiting for this enhancement. It looks like there were not enough UltraEdit/UEStudio users requesting such an enhancement for quick navigation by key using lines in find string list view as otherwise the enhancement would be already implemented.

The only available workaround for a command to switch input focus to find string list view or even better navigating to previous/next line in file depending on previous/next line in find string list view is assigning a hotkey to command ViewShowHideFindStringList in key mapping configuration as I have done. Pressing this hotkey the first time hides the view, pressing it a second time redisplays the view with having input focus set to the view. Then it is possible to navigate to line of interest with UP/DOWN ARROW and jump to a listed line in file with RETURN. But this is a poor workaround for longer lists as the last active line in find string list view is not remembered on hiding the view and restored on showing the view again.

It would be possible to use Find String List context menu option Bookmark All Lines and use the hotkeys assigned to the commands SearchGotoBookmark, SearchPrevBookmark and SearchToogleBookmark or SearchClearBookmarks for navigation to the found lines and removing the bookmarks. But as number of bookmarks is limited to 500 per file, this solution is not working for a large list of found lines.

Another method would be using Find with Filter lines enabled and Show selected instead of using List lines containing string. But this method is useful only when the lines around each found line are of no interest for editing the found lines. With key assigned to command ViewExpandAll the hidden lines can be made visible again when processing the found lines finished.

At the moment for users like me preferring to do nearly everything in UltraEdit by key the best is not using command Find with option List lines containing string, but use instead Find in Files with having Open files selected and Results to edit window not enabled. Then all found lines containing a string in all opened files are written to output window and quick navigation to the found lines from within a document window can be done with Ctrl+Shift+DOWN/UP ARROW. Another advantage of using Find in Files instead of Find is that the found string in each line is additionally highlighted within output window in every line from a file.

PS: I have just sent an email to IDM support with subject: Enhancement request - Highlight the found strings in Find String List view

PPS: Highlighting the found strings in Find String List view is available since UltraEdit for Windows v24.00 and UEStudio v17.00.
Best regards from Austria

I appreciate the quite detailed reply! Thank you very much.

I've tried the Find in Files method, and using Ctrl+Shift+DOWN/UP ARROW to navigate in the document window, and Ctrl+F7 to switch focus between the document window and the Output Window - and it seems to work great - seems to give me what I was looking for.

The only oddity is that sometimes, when focus in in the Output Window and I'm navigating up/down through the results there, and I hit ENTER on a matching line - sometimes the focus changes automatically to the document window, but most times I need to press Ctrl+F7 to switch focus to the document window.

I haven't figured out the pattern or trigger yet for when the focus will change automatically versus when I need to change it manually (via Ctrl+F7). But thats a small thing - and overall this method works very well.

You don't have to use the hotkey to switch focus to output window before using Ctrl+Shift+UP/DOWN ARROW. That is the main advantage of the commands OutPreviousMessage and OutNextMessage. The hotkey is pressed with focus being set to a document window to jump to next line from a file listed in output window. This can be a line in same file or another file. In case of other file not yet opened, the file is automatically opened, too.
Best regards from Austria
Highlighting the found strings in Find String List view is available since UltraEdit for Windows v24.00 and UEStudio v17.00 as requested by me with an enhancement request email sent to IDM support.
Best regards from Austria
Is there a keyboard shortcut to show & hide the Find String List - I don't like auto-hide?
Open Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Key mapping and assign the hotkey you want to command Find string list or Find String List or ViewShowHideFindStringList depending on used version of UltraEdit which toggles the visibility of the Find String List view.
Best regards from Austria
Look for Find string list


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Ovg wrote: Look for Find string list

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