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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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I'm running the currently latest version of UEStudio ( and I've got a weird problem where all of a sudden, the document map won't show up. It's selected as on, but it's nowhere to be found. It was working fine until a day or two ago when, after a restart, it's suddenly not visible.

This is all happening after I had to do a clean install of Windows 10, re-installed UES and restored my saved configuration. Now I'm thinking maybe something in that configuration was messed up all along and I just didn't realize it.

Anyone have any suggestions on what the issue might be?

The settings for the document map view are not stored in the workspace file (uestudio.in0) as this view is not fully customizable like the other views as I just found out. It is only possible to enable/disable the document map and configure the width. Window type and position are not customizable. The settings for the other views are stored in workspace file.

Open with Notepad %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UEStudio\UEStudio.ini while UEStudio is not running.

There should be some lines starting with DocMap in section [Settings]. Verify following lines:

DocMap Enable=1
DocMap Show=1
DocMap Width=130

It is possible that the value for the width is wrong.

Note: There is Advanced - Backup/Restore User Customizations in UES and UE to make backups of the configuration.

Uninstalling and then installing UEStudio again has no effect on this issue as the installer just modifies program files of UEStudio, i.e. files and directories in %ProgramFiles(x86)\IDM Computer Solutions\UEStudio and some registry keys, but not the configuration files of the user(s).
Best regards from Austria
Thank you sir that fixed it for me :)
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