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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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Where does UE v22 record the path of the macros file (UltraEditMacros.mac)? On start-up, I'm getting a Macro Load error message, and it shows the wrong path. If I later load the file manually via Macro/Load, UE uses the correct path..... 8O
Click on Set Auto Load in menu Macro to change the path of the macro file loaded on startup of UltraEdit.

Click on Set Macro for File Load/Save in menu Macro to change the path of the macro file containing the macros to be executed on every file load/save.

Open Advanced - Configuration - Directories to configure the default directory for loading macro files manually using Macro - Load.

And last a macro file loaded on opening a project can be configured in Project - Project Settings for the already opened project.
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Thanks again Mofi

... too many locations for settings with regard to macros. I think it would be better if all of that was on one form. I'll put in an enhancement request.
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