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Just updated to UE and I now get a uedit32.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

During the install/upgrade, I was advised that a dll was in use and to 'cancel' so that this file would be updated on reboot. I did and I did.

I went through another install/upgrade attempt with no change.

(Upgraded from UE 22.10.)
I detected this issue already during beta testing. This issue occurs only on Windows XP, not on Windows 7 or later (and most likely also not on Windows Vista).

IDM support wrote: We do anticipate supporting UltraEdit v22.20 on Windows XP, but this may not happen with the official release but rather shortly thereafter.
I'll be sure to let you know when we have an updated build that we believe will run in Windows XP x86.

Users of UltraEdit on Windows XP x86 should not update to v22.20 until hotfix version is released which runs also on Windows XP x86.

You need to uninstall UE v22.20 and reinstall again latest UE v22.10.

The compatibility issue occurs because of usage of a Windows kernel function not available in kernel of Windows XP x86 as far as I could see with a DLL dependency check. But this is just an unconfirmed supposition by me. I don't know the real reason for the incompatibility.
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In uninstalling UE 22.20, I hope my configuration and licensing remain.

We are aware of the compatibility issues with the latest version and Windows XP. We are working towards a solution for the problem. In the mean time we will soon be putting up a warning on the download page about this.

If you need help downloading a previous version please contact us through the submission form on the following page:

UltraEdit is again available also for Windows XP starting with UE v22.20.0.30. I'm using this version already several days on Windows XP SP3 x86 without any problem till now. In the mean time UE v22.20.0.34 was released with some issues fixed.

See the UltraEdit for Windows download page for details on how to get UE v22.20 for Windows XP x86.
Best regards from Austria
I would guess that the reason some build of UE did not support XP is because with some newer Visual Studio development environments, support for XP as a target was removed and had to be manually re-enabled after an update from Microsoft. It's no secret that MS has been reducing support for XP for a while now - it's more than a decade old. If you insist on running something that people aren't interested in supporting anymore, you need to expect to run into more problems than usual.

Another guess by me is that the XP version wasn't released normally because it was hurried out with limited testing - they probably wanted it to be used only by the limited number of people who ran into the problem. This is a common scenario in the software industry for hotfixes - only release them to people who are known to need them instead of to the general body of users.

This is not a guess - just common sense.
The reason we stopped supporting XP is very simple -- Microsoft is no longer supporting it and has not supported it for over a year and a half. As such, it requires increasingly extra work on our part to maintain XP compatibility. If you disagree with Microsoft's direction on this matter, that's fine, but our forum probably isn't the place to discuss it.

That said, we still are offering XP support for our paying customers. We have a simple XP request form on our main download page.


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