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I want to use UltraCompare as merge tool in SourceTree. This is a tool for managing Git projects. In this program I can configure a command line tool with two input and one output file. These options I found all in the UltraCompare documentation.

My problem is, that SourceTree thinks, when the merge tool is closed, the merge is complete. It is so that when I start UltraCompare with all my needed options from the command line, UltraCompare start and after this, at the command line, the prompt is back. So it is only a kick starter, and it doesn't wait until saving my merged files.

In my Git folder I found some temporary merge files and my merge job isn't ready.

So the question is, can I start UltraCompare from the command line in that way, that the command line will waits till I close the merge tab or close the complete application?


uc.exe is a Windows GUI application. On starting a Windows GUI application from within a command prompt window, the GUI application is started in a new process and the command process continues which of course is not good when running UltraCompare from within another tool.

There is a general Windows solution for starting a GUI application from within a process and waiting for termination of the separate process as well as an UltraCompare specific solution.

The general Windows solution is using command start of command processor cmd.exe. You can get help on this command by running in a command prompt window start /?. An example:

start "UC Read Only Merge" /wait "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraCompare\uc.exe" -rom "C:\Path\First File.txt" "C:\Path\Second File.txt" "C:\Path\Merge Results File.txt"

Note: Help of start lists the title UC Read Only Merge as optional. But command start interprets first string in double quotes as title. Therefore it is nearly always necessary to specify a title in double quotes which can be simply also just "", i.e. an empty title string.

However, as UltraCompare should be often called (and not started) from within other tools especially version management tools, IDM installs together with uc.exe one more application: is NOT a 16-bit DOS application as most other *.com files were in the past. It is a 32-bit Windows console application written for being called from within other applications or from command prompt or a batch file. supports exactly the same parameters as uc.exe because it just starts uc.exe and passes to GUI version of UltraCompare the parameters passed to with the additional information that started ue.exe. Then waits for termination of uc.exe resulting in halting the process from within was called.

The GUI version of UltraCompare makes the job according to the parameters. And additionally as knowing being started from, it returns back to console wrapper application on exit information about success or failure of the task. prints the information get from GUI version of UC to stdout of the console window and then exits with appropriate exit code which could be evaluated in a batch file via errorlevel variable. The usage of in batch files makes it easier to further process results of the comparison or merge in comparison to starting uc.exe with command start. No information from GUI UltraCompare is written to console if using start, and exit code evaluation is much more difficult because errorlevel has the exit code of command start after uc.exe terminated.

So all you need to do in SourceTree is calling instead of uc.exe to get UltraCompare working as merge tool as expected by you.
Best regards from Austria
Hello Mofi,

thanks a lot. works as you described it. It waits for closing the application.

I saw the file and I tried it also, but before I did a mistake. I set the parameter for a third file. I thought, the third file is for the result of the merge. But it isn't. It is for the protocol of the compare.

So I have a "half" solution. For compare I can use as well, but not for merge, because in SourceTree I need a third file for the result of the merge.

Is there any solution?


You would have found the answer on your new question by yourself if you would have looked better on my example using start because it demonstrates the usage of read only merge often required for merge operations in version control systems. The UltraCompare help page about the Command Line Options explains read only merge mode. This help page can be also found in uc.chm installed with UltraCompare in section Getting Started on Contents tab.
Best regards from Austria
Dear Mofi,

thanks a lot, thats it: "-rom". Do you know the meaning of the German proverb "One does not see the wood for the trees"?

Regards, Mario
mario_lorenz wrote: Do you know the meaning of the German proverb "One does not see the wood for the trees"?

Selbstverständlich kenne ich: "Den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen."
Best regards from Austria
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