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Building, compiling, or debugging issues
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This question regards the use of UEStudio integrated debugger.

I am able to configured the integrated debugger to work correctly with WinDebug. However, to use the integrated debugger, I must also use the Microsoft C/C++ compiler as none other compilers work with the WinDebug as far as I know.

As such, I was wondering if there is a way to find a very bare bones version of the Microsoft C/C++ compiler to install without the need to also install Visual Studio Express Edition. I do not want to be forced into installing Visual Studio Express Edition. because I only want to install UEStudio. Installing Visual Studio Express Edition. defeats the purpose of using a powerful custom editor such as the UEStudio.

Can this be done? Has anyone find a very bare bones version of the Microsoft C/C++ compiler and only install the minimum compiler instead?

Another thing to note is the Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition forces you to install everything which is not what I want to do. I only want the C++ compiler, not the whole suite of other Microsoft compilers.

According to Win32 C/C++ compilers page the Microsoft Windows 7 SDK ISO image contains the Visual C/C++ compilers for usage without Visual Studio being installed. I have not verified if this is correct.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you :)
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