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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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I'd love to be able to turn off the contextual template switching. The part where UE detects the language based on file type. The template list "flickers," especially when I'm working in a mixed ASP/HTML file, for example. I almost exclusively use Project templates, but if I want to use a language template, I don't care if it's contextual. I just want it available in the list.

Is there a way to use templates without the "auto-detect" behavior? It's aggravating. I'd just as soon use a separate snippets app that was "dumb" and relied on me to tell it what language I'm using.
Open Advanced - Configuration - Templates and check setting Show all language templates in Template List.

This setting was introduced with UltraEdit for Windows v18.10 and UEStudio v12.10.
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It still attempts to detect which language you're using. Our just shows them all besides.
You are right. The always visible template list is still redrawn when caret is moved from one language section to another language section even with Show all language templates in Template List enabled although that would not be necessary anymore with this setting enabled.

I suggest reporting this minor display issue to IDM support by email if you don't want to see the small template list flicker anymore in a future version of UltraEdit with Show all language templates in Template List enabled.
Best regards from Austria
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