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Help with writing and playing macros
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I've been hitting the 800 line limit for macros in UltraEdit for some time and was wondering if there are any plans to increase this limit (or make it unlimited)?

I currently get around the problem by running three macros over the file I'm working on, but it's getting tedious to do this for multiple files.
This is a user-to-user forum. I'm quite sure that no user can answer your question. I can't as I also don't know the development plan of IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. Please contact IDM support by email.


  1. Use a script instead of macro(s) because there is no size limit for scripts.
  2. Save all 3 macros into 1 macro file and create a fourth macro also saved in same macro file which runs each of the other 3 macros once with command PlayMacro.
    It is in general for all programming and script languages better to use subroutines (submacros) instead of one large main routine.
Is it really a line limit or a buffer limit of compiled macro what I suppose?
Best regards from Austria
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