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On the Windows version of UltraEdit, I have a toolbar with handy links like, view code in default browser. This is great for simple HTML, JavaScript development.

On the Mac version 15.x that whole toolbar is missing. Is there a way to display it?

Toggle browser view is OK, but I really want the browser so I can see the error log console.

In UltraEdit for Windows the command to display a copy of active file made by UltraEdit in same directory as active file and later deleted automatically by UltraEdit can be called also by clicking on menu item Show File in Browser in menu Window. Well, this command depends on a general Windows functionality as you can read at How to copy displayed text in browser view or view ~ue.txt in default web browser? Therefore it is possible that this command is not available in UltraEdit for MAC which I'm not using.

However, if UltraEdit for MAC supports also custom user tools like UE for Windows in menu Advanced, it should be no problem for you to add a user tool which saves active file on execution and opens this file in your preferred browser for verification. See View in Firefox / Internet Explorer / Opera / Chrome / Safari with information how to setup such a user tool (in UltraEdit for Windows).
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That was the right approach Mofi, and thanks to Troy at IDM here is the solution:

1. Click on the Tools menu

2. Click on "Tool Configuration"

3. In the Tool Configuration dialog, click on the "Insert" button

4. Specify a tool as follows:
Command tab:
Menu Item Name: Show file in Safari
Command Line: open -a Safari "%f"

Options tab:
Select "None"

Output tab:
Capture output: selected

Press "Apply" or "OK".

If you open an HTML file in UltraEdit now, and invoke this tool (shown at the bottom of the Tools menu) the active file should be opened in Safari.

Thanks, Troy

And to make an icon on the toolbar:
You can go to Preferences -> Toolbars/Menus and click on "Customize Toolbars". If you find "User Tool 1" (assuming this is the first tool you've defined) you can add that toolbar icon to your toolbar by clicking on it in the Commands list and clicking on the left arrow to move it over to the Toolbar items list on the left.

I'm just wondering about option for capturing output being selected as this option is useful only for console applications but not for GUI applications like Safari.
Best regards from Austria
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