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Hex edit: Can't use command undo (UE The Undo command in menu Edit is gray. Undo works in text edit mode.
Undo feature is by design not available in hex editing mode as it can be seen at top of menu Edit where all 3 undo related commands are disabled with file opened in hex editing mode or when switching for a text file from text to hex editing mode. If the file was opened with usage of a temporary file, the command File - Revert to Saved can be used to undo all modifications since last save.
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Can I ask why designed this :?:
You can ask, but as I'm also just a user, I can't answer it. This is a user-to-user forum.

Undo feature was never available in hex editing mode since first version of UltraEdit supporting hex editing which means since more than 15 years.
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Request an enhancement. Sounds useful.
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