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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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I am trying UC for Mac. I have 2 folders with many subfolders. I would like folder 1 to copy all the files missing in folder 2. Everything seems to work great but I would like to exclude from synchronizing (i.e. copying from left to right) all the hidden files (i.e. the files or directory starting with a . ). Is that possible with UC?

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I don't use UC for MAC, only UC for Windows. Therefore I can't reply with a verified answer for UCM.

In UC for Windows there is in menu Session the menu item Session Properties. The dialog opened by clicking on this menu item contains Ignore folder/file types. Entering there .* results on folder comparison ignoring all files and folders starting with a dot on clicking button OK and Run. This setting is for current folder comparison session only.

At Options - Configuration - Ignore Options - Folder/Folder Sync there is also Ignore folder/file types which defines the default ignore filter for folder compares and folder synchronizations.

Multiple file/folder patterns can be specified using a semicolon as separator between the patterns.
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